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I am interested in teaching older people how to use Social Media.

I would like to create a training layer which would sit between a browser and a website that would show users how to use websites functionality.

An example would be Facebook. When you visit a profile the browser would then show modal windows or popups to explain how a status update works.

It’s like putting a website on top of a website. One is a training layer, the other is the actually website itself.

How would one achieve this? I have limited technical/development but would appreciate advice if this is viable and what technologies could be used to do this.

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This is a non-trivial problem - imagine if anyone was able to add a layer above any website allowing them to intercept everything a user does on that website. It's a massive security hole, so to do something like what you are asking is difficult by design. Very few things are impossible, but it would be a challenging task and your product would probably need to work as a browser add-on. Do the benefits of this outweigh the relative difficulty compared to, say, in-person training or a video series? – glenatron Oct 16 '12 at 14:10

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