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I need a specific vhost setup.


I need this to map to document root


How do I adapt this directive? I assume I need to replace the * with a regexp?

ServerName *.domain.com

VirtualDocumentRoot /var/www/%1/%2/

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I think a request for http://testa_testb.domain.com/file.html will be satisfied by the file /var/www/testb/testa/file.html if you use the following directives:

ServerName *.domain.com

VirtualDocumentRoot /var/www/%1.7+/%1.-7+

%1 matches the first part of the name i.e., testa_testb. %1.7+ selects character 7th (left to right) and all subsequent i.e., testb. %1.-7+ selects character 7th (right to left) and all precedent i.e., testa.

Notice that I have not tested it as I have no Apache server running on my box but, accordingly to the Apache docs, I believe it should work.

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