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I got following response from Facebook when I submitted an action for approval for my app www.handysuggestions.com

Your Action failed the criteria: ‎Your action conflicts with section IV.3 of the Platform Policies (https://developers.facebook.com/policy/). You must make it clear to the user that you will be publishing a story to facebook and get their permission before actually publishing the story. Additionally, your action must not be confusing or misleading and should accurately represent the action the user took within your app.‎

I created action using Facebook Open Graph 'Suggest' for my app handysuggestions.com. Following steps were told to facebook while submitting action:

  1. Go to www.handysuggestions.com and sign up with your Facebook account
  2. Click on any suggestion cards
  3. Click on 'Your Suggestion' box
  4. Enter your suggestion
  5. Click on 'post on facebook' check box to make it checked if it is unchecked.
  6. Rate your suggestion by selecting no. of stars you want to give this suggestion 7 Click on Suggest button. Your suggestion will post on HandySuggestions account and Facebook timeline

I have checked with Facebook guidelines but could not find any violation. The checkbox "Post on Facebook" clearly indicates that the story will be published and un-checking it does not publish it. I also saw similar work done by Pinterest.com for Repin so could not understand what I am doing wrong.

Please suggest what I should change to get it approved.

Regards Rohit

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In cases like this I suggest resubmitting the OG action-type with an explanation or statement that your "Post to Facebook" checkbox makes it clear to the user that the OG action will be submitted when the suggestion is submitted. –  Donn Lee Oct 16 '12 at 17:15

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