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The PHP Framework "CodeIgniter" provides a Session Class, which does not use native PHP-Sessions. Instead, they developped an own Session system using Cookies.

On their Website CodeIgniter.com they write the following:

Note: The Session class does not utilize native PHP sessions. It generates its own session data, offering more flexibility for developers.

As also mentioned below, only a maximum of 4KB can be saved.

Note: Cookies can only hold 4KB of data, so be careful not to exceed the capacity. The encryption process in particular produces a longer data string than the original so keep careful track of how much data you are storing.

So, how does this give more flexibility to the programmer at all? What was the actual Reason of the developers to not use native PHP Sessions?

Thank you for your Information!

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You need to ask the CI developers (codeigniter.com/forums). This question can only elicit opinions and arguments in this venue. – JAAulde Oct 16 '12 at 14:47