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In my website user can log-in with simple account (created in my website, configured MY_OWN_USER provider, which selects user by email) or using facebook log-in (integrated through fosfacebook bundle).

When i'm trying to impersonate user (appending link '...?_switch_user=demo@demo.com', like described in Symfony2 documentation) Symfony2 logs such warning:

security.WARNING: Switch User failed: "The user is not authenticated on facebook"

I've checked Symfony\Component\Security\Http\Firewall\SwitchUserListener and looks like by default it gets not MY_OWN_USER provider but fosfacebook provider which tries to select user by facebook_id (if i append link with '...?_switch_user=FACEBOOK_ID' - switch user works correctly!)

So how to make that SwitchUserListener would get MY_OWN_USER provider which selects user by email not by facebook id?

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Ofcourse i could try to change SwitchUserListener that it would select user by email (not by username), but maybe there are other ways without changing Symfony2 source code :) –  Auris Oct 16 '12 at 14:45

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