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Is it possible to pass a YAML boolean into HAML? I've attempted a couple ways, but can't seem to get it to understand, short of just matching the text.

Here's the YAML boolean:

show_banner: true

I've tried explicitly matching the boolean and also loosely matching it in HAML.

- if "#{page.show_banner}" == true

- if "#{page.show_banner}"
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What context is this HAML in? How are you passing in parameters?

Without knowing more, I assume you could do this:

- if page.show_banner

Your use of quotation marks is changing the parameter to a string.

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Well, that was simple. Thanks! – user1191002 Oct 16 '12 at 17:49

I have had luck using a Ruby object as an intermediary, like in the code below.

require 'YAML'
require 'HAML'

a = ('ShowBanner: false').to_yaml
puts a
b = YAML::load(a)
puts b
c =
d = c.render(b)
puts d
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