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As fas as I know, there is a big trouble with Indian fonts (like Devanagari) in Android. So I think of using IAST to avoid using Devanagari. But there are some letters with bottom dots (like ṃ or ḥ). They are unicode, I guess, because every text editor shows them easily. But my text view doesn't. What should I do?

Update: The solution is to use DejaVu fonts or any other set of fonts with full UNICODE support.

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You need to use custom fonts, since normal Android fonts do not support devanagari or m with dot below. See e.g. Custom Fonts in Android.

Note that no font supports all of Unicode. You need to select one that supports the characters you need.

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Devanagari font is not enough to use Devanagari in app - Also, DejaVuSans seems to be full featured (not sure, but this one worked for me). – Pavel Oganesyan Oct 16 '12 at 18:11

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