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i am trying to use dhhtmlxGrid with his smart rendering activated. Here's my js code

function grid()
    var mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('products_grid');
    mygrid.setHeader("Product Name,Internal Code,Price");
    mygrid.load("PrendiTutto", "json");

In my html i have a tag that launch the application, and "PrendiTutto" is a servlet that is able to read from my database. My problem is that when the mygrid.load("PrendiTutto", "json") is launched there are no parameters passed to my servlet, while i know that the smartRendering uses the "count" and "posStart" parameters. Can anyone help me?

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There is a damned file: dhtmlxgrid_json.js that is not mentioned in dhtmlx guides and samples. I have added it and now all is running well..

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