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What are the possible ways you could improve the type-ahead (auto-complete) suggestions that appear in a free-form search?

From my understanding, all the suggestions that appear for keywords are stored in a SOLR table.

How do you ensure that it covers all the industry specific relevant type-ahead suggestions?

Can you automate including most recent user generated queries that are not currently providing search results to lead to relevant ones?

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In preprocessing, the documents fed into the search engine need to be enriched with whatever is sensible and provides help to find them. E.g. a document containing the string paris may be enriched by french capital, capital of france, ile-de-france, … You will need a dictionary to do so. You can take data from or—for English only—WordNet. For not to over-generalize you will need to implement some disambiguation (meaning discovery) in the first step, since paris—for example—could equally be expanded with alexandros, alaksandu of wilusa, king of troy, depending on the context.

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