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Is there a free and easy text-only favicon generator? There are numerous online favicon generators asking for a image+text to create a favicon. I am interested in putting only text into my favicon, probably with a choice of different fonts. Anybody knows of a a good online text-only favicon generator?

Also, any desktop solution that does not involve paid software will also do. Does anybody know of such an option (I use a MAC)?

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This may be the dumbest question of the night, but do you mean actually text only, or am image of text? I ask because my limited understanding of .ico files is that they are, well, icon files and thus always an image. Is that not the case? –  Anthony Aug 18 '09 at 4:20
In all probability, Shreeni, you use a Mac, not a MAC. –  Chris Lutz Aug 18 '09 at 4:45
@Anthony: I understand that a favicon is always an image. I am looking to generate it without having to play around with images myself. Not everybody wants to be playing in photoshop. @Chris Lutz: Is stackoverflow also heading away from technical issues into trivial details? I did mean Mac and not a MAC. So sorry for the typo. –  Shreeni Aug 20 '09 at 4:51

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I don't know a good online one, but why not just boot up MacPaint and put some black text on a white background? You could save the result as an image in the right size yourself, or upload it to one of the generators to get the sizing and formatting done for you. Your font choice would be quite large, as you could use any of the free fonts available on the web.

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@karl @zombat: Thanks to both of you. I am getting a free paint-like software, creating either the background to use with one of the online ones, or making it end to end myself. It seems quite a common case to me that one of the online generators should support it, but alas thats not the case I believe. –  Shreeni Aug 20 '09 at 4:52

A simple only solution is http://antifavicon.com/

Not the prettiest favicons, but very simple, with a retro look ;)

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It has nice font collection and simple color scheme.

Faviconist is a Favicon generator with a difference: No need for image uploading or editing. Just provide a letter (or another character) and a color scheme, and we'll make the icon for you. Click "Save Favicon" to keep it.

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With this one you can generate an animated gif of a scrolling text (and an icon). It's very easy to use. Rename the gif to favicon.ico and put it in the root folder of your webpage.

For the "no icon" part. Simply use a 16px white gif as "icon"

alt text

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Animated favicons are so irritating! Why distract your users from your website? (I'm sure they can be done well but just aren't) –  edeverett Aug 18 '09 at 13:49
@edeverett: Agreed. I was looking for one which could make quick favicons based on single character (say "S"), font and color of the text and background. Animated is not what I am looking for. –  Shreeni Aug 20 '09 at 4:52
@The Disintegrator: Thats the whole point. For a quick favicon, I don't want to bother myself with having to upload a image. I want to try out quite a few "text" favicons with different background, resolution, font, text and text color. With the approach you are mentioning, I would have to create multiple background files. For all that effort, I might as well do it myself in Photoshop/MacPaint etc. –  Shreeni Aug 20 '09 at 4:56

Personally, I would just boot up some image editor and make a 16x16 png image, then use the png image as the favicon. It doesn't have to be an ico file, and even if it does just convert it using something (I don't know what software would do this on a mac, gimp maybe?)

No matter what it's going to be an image, but if you want the image to just be a letter or something you can do that.

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I think it needs to be a .ico file for IE (at least IE6 - not sure about 7 and 8) –  edeverett Aug 18 '09 at 13:50

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