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I'm writing rewrite rules in nginx.

I want to rewrite every URI that matches /A/B[anything] to /X/ except /A/B/C[/].

How do I do this?

What I've tried:

if ($request_uri ~ ^/A/B/C/?) {
rewrite ^/A/B   /X/   permanent;

This rewrites /A/B to /X/, but /A/B[anything] doesn't get redirected, nor does /A/B/C/ stay at /A/B/C/.

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rewrite ^/A/B/?$   /X/   permanent;

Should do it

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Close, but that doesn't work because I want /A/B[anything] to get redirected to /X/. I've updated the question to make it clearer. –  Scott David Tesler Oct 16 '12 at 19:35
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I figured out the issue.

I needed to make the rewrite line

rewrite ^/A/B(.*)?   /X/   permanent;

The (.*)? means " and optionally match anything any amount of times."

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