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Im trying to get tinymce edit iframe to work with this wonderfull tabbifier:

I have successfully installed both of them and they work great.

In my example I have tested the following:

  1. Load a tinymce component and save the following code inside the tinymce iframe with the HTML option: test
  2. The result is saved perfectly after refreshing with F5 and this code is saved in the database:

tinymce is working perfecly.

The next test I have made is with tabber:

  1. Edit the tinymce component box and saved the following code with the HTML option:
<div class='tabber' id='tabber1'>
    <div class='tabbertab' title='FIRSTTAB' >
        test firsttab
    <div class='tabbertab' title='SECONDTAB' >
        test secondtab
  1. The code is perfectly saved in the database, and the result is perfectly loaded in the output view, showing two tabs, each one of them with its content.

  2. The problem is while trying to edit the content again with tinymce, the tabs are not shown. The content is perfectly loaded in the tinymce iframe, without the tabs. Its shown as below:

    test firsttab

    test secondtab

The HTML code inside it is good, it has the proper tabbifier html code saved before.

The problem maybe is that the iframe of tinymce is not able to load or interpret the javascript of tabber.js and its not showing the tabs. I have tested loading the javascript of tabber.js inside the tinymce iframe with this code, and seems to load it but the tabs are not still shown:

<script type="text/javascript">
        mode:                              "exact",
        elements:                          "%s",
        theme:                             "%s",
        theme_advanced_toolbar_location:   "top",
        theme_advanced_toolbar_align:      "left",
        theme_advanced_statusbar_location: "bottom",
        theme_advanced_resizing:           true
            setup : function(ed)
                ed.onInit.add(function(ed, evt)
                    alert("entered tiny");
                    // Load a script from a specific URL using the global script loader
                    // Load a script using a unique instance of the script loader
                    //var scriptLoader = new tinymce.dom.ScriptLoader();

                    // Load multiple scripts
                    var scriptLoader = new tinymce.dom.ScriptLoader();
                    scriptLoader.loadQueue(function() { alert('All scripts are now loaded.'); });

I have also checked that /js/tabber.js is the correct path. And saw at firebug that its loading it. The two alert messages are displayed, so it seems to load it, but the tabs inside the tinymce edit iframe are still not shown.

Any help is welcome, thank you so much.

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You are trying to get tabs to work INSIDE the rich text editor - this makes no sense! You should instead render editors inside of tabs. – Stefan Oct 17 '12 at 15:06
Rich-text editors aren't meant to implement javascript applications. They can render some HTML and some CSS. But they are not browsers, they are text editors with added rich-text enhancing capabilities. – Stefan Oct 17 '12 at 15:27
I understand it and that was the second thing I though if I couldnt get it to work. I tought that maybe tinymce had support to execute and render javascript output since it allow to execute javascript inside it with the scriptLoader. Yes, as you said the best option will be to render one rich editor for each tab individually. I wanted to avoid that option since I didnt want to add many columns to my database, one for each tab with its rich content editor. But seems to be the only way, thank you so much :) – xtrm Oct 17 '12 at 16:35
Its exactly as you explained Stefan, just tested it with CKEditor and it does exactly the same. – xtrm Oct 17 '12 at 16:44
This does not necessarily mean that you have to add columns to your database, even though it is generally a good idea to keep your fields separate as far as possible. It is possible to merge some field values into one field by using a unique separator to separate the individual fields - but only if you really must! Then you can read the single field from the db and use php explode or js split to extract the individual field values. But I would definitely recommend separate columns as far as possible, in general. – Stefan Oct 17 '12 at 17:15

The tinymce ScriptLoader does not load a script inside the iframe. It provide a way to load a script in the main window after the tinymce initialization. This is very confusing as not documented.

But you definitelty can load a script inside the iframe. Here is the magic :

tinymce.init( { setup : function( ed ) {
    ed.on('init', function (args) {
        // get the iframe DOM
        var doc = ||;

        // inject script into the DOM
        var s = doc.createElement('script');
        s.type = 'text/javascript';
        s.src = '/js/tabber.js';
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Thank you for the suggestion. I have been doing more test to guess what is happen what Im not sure at all.

This is exactly the data which I have tried to save with the HTML Tinymce editor:

Two tabbifier tabs:

<div id="tabber1" class="tabber"> 
<div class="tabbertab" title="FIRSTTAB">content firsttab</div>
<div class="tabbertab" title="SECONDTAB">content secondtab</div> 

Tabbifier will transform upper code into the following code. I have also inserted it, inside the Tinymce HTML editor to see it if works:

<div id="tabber2" class="tabberlive">
<ul class="tabbernav">
<li class="tabberactive">
<a href="javascript:void(null);" title="FIRSTTAB">FIRSTTAB</a>
<li class="">
<a href="javascript:void(null);" title="SECONDTAB">SECONDTAB</a>
<div class="tabbertab " title=""> test firsttab </div>
<div class="tabbertab tabbertabhide" title=""> test secondtab </div>

In the MySQL database, the following data has been saved with the Tinymce editor:

<p>&lt;div id="tabber1" class="tabber"&gt;
<br />
&lt;div class="tabbertab" title="FIRSTTAB"&gt;contenido firsttab&lt;/div&gt;
<br />
&lt;div class="tabbertab" title="SECONDTAB"&gt;contenido secondtab&lt;/div&gt;
<br />&lt;/div&gt;</p>
<p>&lt;div id="tabber2" class="tabberlive"&gt;
<br />&lt;ul class="tabbernav"&gt;
<br />&lt;li class="tabberactive"&gt;
<br />&lt;a href="javascript:void(null);" title="FIRSTTAB"&gt;FIRSTTAB&lt;/a&gt;
<br />&lt;/li&gt;<br />&lt;li class=""&gt;
<br />&lt;a href="javascript:void(null);" title="SECONDTAB"&gt;SECONDTAB&lt;/a&gt;
<br />&lt;/li&gt;
<br />&lt;/ul&gt;
<br />&lt;div class="tabbertab " title=""&gt; test firsttab &lt;/div&gt;
<br />&lt;div class="tabbertab tabbertabhide" title=""&gt; test secondtab &lt;/div&gt;
<br />&lt;/div&gt;</p>

I have checked again that the tabber.js is loaded inside the iframe. And yes, its loaded. I have tested deleting all <p> and </p> tags, and save it directly in the database, but it still doesnt work. Im guessing if it could be one of these reasons:

  • TinyMCE edit iframe for some reason doesnt interpret the javascript tabber.js correctly.

  • Or doesnt let it to modify the code after it has been loaded.

  • Or modifies the code adding <p> tags and <br /> and breaks some javascript functionality.

I dont really know what else to test since it doesnt work even with the result code which works fine outside the iframe.

Just added 2 pictures:
- TinyMCE doesnt show the tabs inside its iframe editor: enter image description here
- How it should be shown. Data saved with tinymce works perfectly outside the iframe: enter image description here

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This is not a bug. TinyMCE isn't supposed to be able to run javascript applications. – Stefan Oct 17 '12 at 15:34

Several browsers have problems with spaces and tabs on paragraph start. A workaround for spaces is to code them onSave as protected spaces if they are at the beginning. The solution for tabs is to use another character with similar behaviour and replace them when saving. It is necessary to recode the content when reloaded from databse into the editor.

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what is the browser you use mostly? – Thariama Oct 17 '12 at 11:32
I am testing this issue with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome lastest versions. The tinymce tags are not shown inside its editiframe in any of the browsers. – xtrm Oct 17 '12 at 12:18
can you create a tinymce fiddle ( to demonstrate the pioblem? – Thariama Oct 17 '12 at 12:22
Thank you for your interest Thariama. I have created a simple example here which clearly shows the problem: – xtrm Oct 17 '12 at 15:11
it is as i said already - the browser kicks them out (like it does with spaces) at the beginning of a a paragraph – Thariama Oct 17 '12 at 15:25

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