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I copied some Arabic text and pasted it on my website. Now I want to select the parentheses in this Arabic text :

    كهيعص ﴿١﴾

jQuery(function () {    
    var oldHtml = jQuery('span').html();
    var newHtml = oldHtml.replace("(","<span style='color: red'>﴾</span>");

For some reason though, there's no way I can select them. Why ?

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Those are not regular parenthesis, those are parenthesis from Arabic script in Unicode. They are represented as:

U+FD3E ﴾ arabic ornate left parenthesis
U+FD3F ﴿ arabic ornate right parenthesis

(You can see the actual Unicode character rendering at Arabic script in Unicode on Wikipedia)

To replace them in jQuery, you can do the following:

var newHtml = oldHtml.replace("\ufd3e","<span style='color: red'>(</span>"); (replace left parenthesis)

var newHtml = oldHtml.replace("\ufd3f","<span style='color: red'>)</span>"); (replace right parenthesis)

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Awesome, thanks! – drake035 Oct 16 '12 at 18:47

You can use html's function, note that the character that you want to be replaced is not (, it's .

jQuery('span').html(function(i, old){
    return old.replace("﴾", "<span style='color: red'>﴾</span>");

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