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I'm using the version of MonoDevelop bundled with Unity game engine. I never used #if/#endif in C# before, so I never noticed that. I checked this on a new empty file. How can I fix that?

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I've played around with this a bit and what I've noticed is that conditional code for a "#if DEBUG" block is commented out. It's probably helpful when you've gotten to the point of building your release code. The "debug" test stuff remains in your code, but looks like a comment. Here is what I was playing with to test that out, ymmv:

using System;
namespace testConditionalCompile
   class MainClass
      public static void Main (string[] args)

#if RELEASE         
          Console.WriteLine("Release code"); 

#if DEBUG   
          Console.WriteLine("Debug code");          

I realize that the conditional code block is not the best way to write it, but I thought it might best illustrate my point above.

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