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I'm trying to write my first parser with BeautifulSoup (BS4) and hitting a conceptual issue, I think. I haven't done much with Python -- I'm much better at PHP.

I can get BeautifulSoup to find the table I want, but when I try to step into the table and find all the rows, I get some variation on:

AttributeError: 'ResultSet' object has no attribute 'attr'

I tried walking through the sample code at How do I draw out specific data from an opened url in Python using urllib2? and got more or less the same error (note: if you want to try it you'll need a working URL.)

Some of what I'm reading says that the issue is that the ResultSet is a list. How would I know that? If I do print type(table) it just tells me <class 'bs4.element.ResultSet'>

I can find text in the table with:

for row in table:
    text = ''.join(row.findAll(text=True))
    print text

but if I try to search for HTML with:

for row in table:
    text = ''.join(row.find_all('tr'))
    print text

It complains about expected string, Tag found So how do I wrangle this string (which is a string full of HTML) back into a beautifulsoup object that I can parse?

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Can you show your complete code and the actual traceback error you get? –  joel goldstick Oct 16 '12 at 15:43
your ''.join() is the issue. row.find_all('tr')) returns a group of tags, not strings-- a BeautifulSoup object. type(row.find_all('tr')). Just because it prints like a string, doesn't make it one. –  kreativitea Oct 16 '12 at 16:11
Actually ... it looks like all I needed was for row in table.find_all('tr'): –  Amanda Oct 17 '12 at 1:57

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BeautifulSoup data-types are bizarre to say the least. A lot of times they don't give enough information to easily piece together the puzzle. I know your pain! Anyway...on to my answer...

Its hard to provide a completely accurate example without seeing more of your code, or knowing the actual site you're attempting to scrape, but I'll do my best.

The problem is your ''.join(). .findAll('tr') returns a list of elements of the BeautifulSoup datatype 'tag'. Its how BS knows to find trs. Because of this, you're passing the wrong datatype to your ''.join().

You should code one more iteration. (I'm assuming there are td tags withing the trs)

text_list = []
for row in table:
    table_row = row('tr')
    for table_data in table_row:
        td = table_data('td')
        for td_contents in td:
            content = td_contents.contents[0]
text = ' '.join(str(x) for x in text_list)

This returns the entire table content into a single string. You can refine the value of text by simply changing the locations of text_list and text =.

This probably looks like more code than is required, and that might be true, but I've found my scrapes to be much more thorough and accurate when I go about it this way.

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This is helpful, tho as it turns out all I needed was for row in table.find_all('tr'): –  Amanda Oct 17 '12 at 3:09

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