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in pi based Extension I have: $this->pi_getLL('languagekey') to get my translated variable.

What is the Extbase code for that?

I know how to do this in Fluid Template, but I need it in the Repository.

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To moderators: please don't close or downvote it, as it's correct Stack Overflow question. –  biesior Oct 16 '12 at 15:43

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Check this clue, it suggests that this should work:

Tx_Extbase_Utility_Localization::translate($key, $extensionName, $arguments=NULL)

that should do the trick as well:


BTW, sometimes easiest solution is checking how does ViewHelper which you know work. As I can see Translate VH uses the same method, check it in render(...) method of:


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Hey, thank you, it worked with: Tx_Extbase_Utility_Localization::translate($key, $extensionName); –  Andrea Oct 16 '12 at 16:26
The link to the clue is a dead one. –  Ulrik H. Kold Feb 11 at 12:10

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