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So I'm trying to find out the best way to swap views for an iPhone game I'm making. I have a "root view controller" that has a reference to all the view controllers I want to swap between. So I add the main menu view to this root view controller - [self.view addSubview:mainMenuController.view]; - Then in the main menu view I have an instructions button. I define an IBAction in the mainMenuController to respond to the instructions button being clicked. From there, I call [self.view removeFromSuperview] which works great. It gets rid of the main menu. So next I want to add the instructions view. I figured that it would be as simple as [super.view addSubview:super.instructionsController.view], but no luck! I've thought of a few ways to get around this, but they all seem very inelegant, as I would like to keep all references to my view controllers in one place, the root view controller. Any thoughts?

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Could you not have your main menu view controller tell the root view controller that it's closed, along with a reference to what view it should load next? I'm assuming you're not doing something akin to what UITableView does, in which case you'd likely want to use a stack.

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Are you mixing super (an Objective-C keyword) with self.superview (an UIView property)?

At any rate it's indeed a better design to inform your main controller to switch to another view, rather than making that decision from the added subview.

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I just got around it by setting a delegate property in each of my controllers to the root view controller.

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