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I'm working on a project that requires me to record webcam, microphone, and the screen. I have webcam recording, audio is a work in progress, and I stumbled across CMonitor wrapper (which I did some minor modifications to) to grab RGB images of the desktop on a specified monitor (if there are multiple monitors).

How do I go about pushing my raw RGB frames into windows media foundation to encode into a video file? My current video encoding is using a slightly modified version of this msdn sample, if that's easier to modify than it is to write a new class handler.

Or, perhaps there is some sort of media foundation route to recording the screen that I don't know of (which is possible, I'm not that great of a win32 programmer)?

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Found PushSource in the Windows SDK samples, which does this.

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It is from DirectShow, not Media Foundation, right? –  Roman R. Oct 22 '12 at 19:38
Yeah, I scrapped the media foundation stuff, probably should have mentioned that. –  OzBarry Oct 22 '12 at 19:47

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