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I am currently having problems referenceing a a file created into internal storage from my web view. the same code can reference similar file through href from a web address but when I decided to save the same file into internal storage I get Web Page at /data/data/packageName/files/fileName.html might be temporarily down.... any help would be appreciated

The line below resulted in an error when clicked on Webview: <a href='/data/data/packageName/files/fileName.html'> in fact when I tried with file:// the click was completely ignored as in <a href='/data/data/packageName/files/fileName.html'>

Meanwhile the same line works with <a href="http://www.someweb.co.uk/fileName.html'> is there any known workaround?

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What did you use as full URL? For me file:///data/data/packageName/... (three slashes in the beginning) works –  JesperB Oct 16 '12 at 15:36
Can you show the sample that worked. On my side here href='example.com'; worked but href='file:///data/data/package/files/filename' did not work. –  Dee Tee Oct 17 '12 at 21:36

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