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I need to get all attributes that exists in my Prestahop store not matter wich or what product is assigned I just want to generate a array of those attributes and then use them in ProductController.php class. I check the file classes/Product.php and a method called getDefaultAttribute($id_product, $minimumQuantity = 0) is present but I think this only works for attributes assigned to a specific product and not return all as I need. Any help? I'm newbie with Prestashop and need to learn a lot of things

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Examine file classes/Attribute.php. Your may use static function Attribute::getAttributes($id_lang, $not_null = false). It return all attributes for a given language.

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Thanks @alexander-simonchik after see the code I use this one made by me $query_attributes = "SELECT FROM " . _DB_PREFIX_ . "attribute_lang ps_al LEFT JOIN " . _DB_PREFIX_ . "attribute_group_lang ps_agl ON (ps_al.id_lang = ps_agl.id_lang) LEFT JOIN " . _DB_PREFIX_ . "attribute ps_a ON (ps_a.id_attribute_group = ps_agl.id_lang) WHERE ps_al.id_lang = " . (int) Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT'); $attributes = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS($query_attributes); $existent_attributes = array(); foreach($attributes as $attr) { $existent_attributes[] = $attr['name']; } – ReynierPM Oct 16 '12 at 19:38
But yours works too so points goes to you. Thanks – ReynierPM Oct 16 '12 at 19:38

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