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Imagine an american football field displayed on a 2D screen. The field has markers every ten yards. Each marker is just a vertical line spanning the height of the field. Say someone gives you an (x, y) location on the field. How can you determine the vertical marker that's closest to the (x, y) position without using a loop?

At the moment I'm using a simple loop like this:

// want marker closest to x
float x = randomFloat();

double minDistance = Double.MaxValue;
Marker closestMarker = null;

foreach (Marker m in markers) {
    double d = ABS(x - m.x);
    if (d < minDistance) {
        minDistance = d;
        closestMarker = m;

I feel like this can be done without checking every marker since the markers are uniformly spaced and we know the total marker count. However I'm drawing a blank when it comes to the necessary division etc.

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You could start from the x,y position and draw an ever expanding circle, stopping on the first intersection with a marker. Either way, you'd need a loop though, but it'd be shorter than checking every single marker. Probably you can use the fact that markers are uniformly spaced... I'll have a think –  GarethL Oct 16 '12 at 16:01

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Let's assume that there are n markers x0 ... xn-1 and that xi = x0 + 10 * i. Then, the closest one to a point x is given by i = min(n-1, max(0, round((x - x0) / 10))).

This is slightly more general than the other answers, since it handles both the case where the first marker is not at x0 = 0, as well as the case where x is outside the field.

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in java:

int distanceOfClosestMarker = (int) (Math.floor(givenX / tenYards) * tenYards);
// markersByDistance is map of markers by theirs distance. you can use array instead.
Marker closestMarker = markersByDistance.get(distanceOfClosestMarker);
// array version is this
closestMarker = arrayOfMarkers[distanceOfClosestMarker / tenYards];
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if you just have to round it to the nearest ten, then use divide & multiply by 10 to get the closest marker.

(by the way, if you're using C#, you can just do something similar to

var nearestMarker = markers.Min(m => x-m.x);


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// Assuming that markers is ordered by X coordinate and the first one has X = 0
Marker ClosestMarker(float x, List<Marker> markers) {
    int m = (int)Math.Floor(x / 10);

    if(x - m * 10 < 5) return markers[m];
    else return markers[m + 1];
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