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I would like to give to BE user a permission to view/edit only one record of some type.

For example, I have lots of tt_address, and I would like to give a permission to some client to view/edit only his/her tt_addresses in the BE, records are situated in the same sysfolder.

Is it possible or I need to hook the core to achieve it ?

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There is an extension for that job: however didn't check it. I read on the mailing list that it's state in TYPO3 4.5+ is unverified.

If it won't work I wouldn't hack the core. Instead it should be quite easy task to write a backend module for listing/editing only selected items from given database table, so you can extend tt_address with field containing UID of the 'owner'.

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The extension looks great ! I need FE edit too, so it could be too much development instead of tiny hook on Core ACL. I think, will develop ACL extension instead of fake listing. – Fedir Oct 16 '12 at 21:10

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