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Is there actually out a working html indenter for Notepad++ ?

Since i started working with Netbeans i cannot work anymore without a good reindent function that will also detect JS and PHP code in the document..

I tried TextFX and HTMLTidy but after troubles in the installation i found that it's not loading up the configuration correctly and keeps sending me an annoying popup about HTMLTIDY.ERR.

I tried also UniversalGUIIndenter, but it's still full of bugs...

Notepad++ is still my workhorse when i work on remote FTP and i don't want to give it up Thanks

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I have found this HTMLTIDY.CFG configuration

input-xml: yes bare:no clean:no fix-bad-comments:no fix-backslash:no indent:yes indent-attributes:no indent-spaces:4 char-encoding:raw replace-color:no wrap:0 wrap-asp:no wrap-jste:no wrap-php:no write-back:yes new-pre-tags:script

It works perfect with xhtml and xml, but messes up CSS and SCRIPT code if you don't put around those

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