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I want to insert values to many to many relation table I'm using entity framework & linq. and I want to build up the Insert query (.net Framework 4)

following are the tables

Menus - menu_id, menu_name, menu_desc

Cater - cater_id, cater_name, enable_ind

Relation table Menu_Cater - menu_id, cater_id

I have tried with couple of cases seems not working, if there is a SIMPLE way of implementing this insert & delete

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what have you tried? my initial GUESS without seeing any of your code, is that menu_id and cater_id are auto-incrementing fields and you are trying to insert a Menu_Cater record before inserting the Menu and Cater records. Thus, inserting a Menu_Cater record with menu_id and cater_id set to NULL. Stab in the dark - show me your code! –  Sethi Oct 16 '12 at 16:30
can you some of the cases/code so we can check –  Amy Oct 16 '12 at 16:34
@Sethi Actually I have two drop downs to select cater and menu and I want to save the selected combination in the Menu_Cater. –  KRR Oct 16 '12 at 16:38
Are you using DbContext to persist the objects to database? –  eka Oct 16 '12 at 16:51
I'm using EF4, its same as this case smehrozalam.wordpress.com/2010/06/29/… But i need to know how can I do the Insert and delete –  KRR Oct 24 '12 at 16:27

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Assuming you have the Menu and Cater objects (from the dropdown list or however), simply:

  1. create a Menu_Cater record
  2. set it to insert on submit
  3. submit changes

Demonstrated below:


Dim menu As Menu = GetSelectedMenu() ' However you get the Menu record
Dim cater As Cater = GetSelectedCater() ' However you get the Cater record

Dim relationship = New Menu_Cater()
relationship.menu_id = menu.menu_id
relationship.cater_id = cater.cater_id
' OR:
' relationship.menu = menu
' relationship.cater = cater

Using db = new MyDataContext
    db.Menu_Cater.InsertOnSubmit( relationship )
End Using


Menu menu = GetSelectedMenu(); // However you get the Menu record
Cater cater = GetSelectedCater(); // However you get the Cater record

Menu_Cater relationship = new Menu_Cater();
relationship.menu_id = menu.menu_id;
relationship.cater_id = cater.cater_id;
// OR:
// relationship.menu = menu
// relationship.cater = cater

using (db = new MyDataContext()) {

Small changes may need to be made for your variable/database-field names. And maybe db.Save() instead of db.SubmitChanges() depending on the type of data context.

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I don't know, if You need it now, but Ill show how to do it. If I have understood right, You mean smth like that.

public ActionResult Create(Cater cater, int menuId)
    //Find menu with our menu_id
    Menu menu = db.Menus.Where(m => m.menu_id == menuId).FirstOrDefault();

    //Add cater for this Menu

    return somethere...

public ActionResult Remove(int caterId, int menuId)
 //Choose menu, from him we will delete cater which we need 
 Menu menu = db.Menus.Where(m => m.menu_id == menuId).FirstOrDefault();

 //Find cater which we want delete from this Menu
 Cater cater = menu.Cater.Where(c => c.cater_id == caterId).FirstOrDefault();

 //Remove him from Table Menu_Cater

 return somethere...

Thats all. Its work for MVC4

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