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I built a Parental Control for iOS. In the background, it simply generates configuration profiles which users can then install to enforce or relax restrictions on the device.

In the settings app of iOS, there is a restriction which prevents users from removing apps (see Settings -> General-> Restrictions-> Delete apps). However I can't find the corresponding flag in the documentation of the configuration profile. Does anyone know whether this flag is just not exposed or I missed something?

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As I remember there is a better document somewhere in Apple Developer Program. I believe it covers a little bit larger set of profiles (including those which are used by MDM). I am not sure whehter it's possible to install them without sending through MDM. However, you can try it.

Also, take a look at Apple Configurator. It has some interesting supervision features, which may play nice with your Parental Control idea.

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The payloads available in this link are only possible with Configuration profiles. Once the device is supervised you can have few more features.

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