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I want to display the currency list on the product description page. How can I do that?

I copied the code from header.tpl () and pasted it in the product.tpl but I get an error:

Notice: Undefined variable: currency in C:\xampp\htdocs\mysite.com\catalog\view\theme\mytheme\template\product\product.tpl on line 60.

I tried adding the following code in product.tpl.

<?php include(DIR_APPLICATION.'\view\theme\mytheme\template\module\currency.tpl');

but that did not work either. Please help as I want to get this working.

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Show us the code... the code –  Christian Dec 13 '12 at 16:54
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The $currency variable is built by the /catalog/controller/module/currency.php controller, which is normally called by /catalog/controller/common/header.php (using $this->children array).

To display this element in the product template, you'll need to call on this controller (and its view) using the $this->children array of the product controller (/catalog/controller/product/product.php). In opencart, it's around line 362

$this->children = array(
    'module/currency' // Just add this line

Unfortunately, this will display the currency element at the top of the page by default, because this element's style is set to absolute positioning. You'll need to edit /catalog/view/theme/*/template/module/currency.tpl to make the HTML and CSS a bit more flexible.

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The best will be to do like this

$this->data['allcurrencies'] = array();
$results = $this->model_localisation_currency->getCurrencies();   
foreach ($results as $result) {
     if ($result['status']) {
           $this->data['allcurrencies'][] = array(
           'title'        => $result['title'],
           'code'         => $result['code'],
           'symbol_left'  => $result['symbol_left'],
           'symbol_right' => $result['symbol_right']            


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