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compiled matlab file called from c++

I went through the mcc example in MATLAB but something is not clear. Can someone please clarify? In the example we have:

function a = addmatrix(a1, a2) a = a1 + a2;

which after i compile using mcc results in a following definition in the c++ header file

addmatrix(int nargout, mwArray& a, mwArray& a1, mwArray& a2);

My question is if the output of the MATLAB function is a structure which contains a vector of dimension 1x5 and a matrix of dimension 7x3 then what should nargout be? And how should i define mwArray a?

Since the output of the MATLAB function is just 1 structure should nargout be equal to 1? And should I be defining mwArray as mwArray a(1*5+7*3) in my c++ code?

thanks in advance.

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You do not explicitly define nargout in your Matlab code. Rather it is defined implicitly by the number of values that your function returns.

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