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Here's a situation. A computer is connected to a network using an ethernet cable. The same computer is set to share the connection to other computer via a wireless network (let's say with an ad-hoc wireless network).

So my question is: Is it possible for the admin of the wired network (the one connected with the ethernet cable) to prevent any computer connected to it to share the connection ?

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Depends on your wired network configuration and your machine's role.

Network router/switch could limit access by authentication, by IP, by MAC, by limiting down to a certain number of individual addresses seen on a subnet/VLAN, and probably many other conditions.

If your machine is acting like a NAT, in many cases (say on an enterprise LAN) it should be able to share its connection. But nowadays, I'm not surprised routers can still block it. For example, I had seen my friend's home DSL network couldn't share internet with his own NAT AP. Not until he bought a new wireless AP from his provider and the provider adjusted certain settings on both ends.

Some routers can limit access by content instead of by address. For example, block youtube or other streaming sites. Of course, this would affect all machines on that particular connection.

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