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When using the image-path helper method in sass-rails

An scss statement like this:


generates a weird url like this:


where the www3.myassets.com is coming from the asset host property set on the environment.

Why is this happening? I expect the following output:


It might not be relevant but we also have compass on the project, although my investigations lead me to believe that the compass method is not the one being used.

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  1. The url is not weird. Skippng the protocol allows the browser to use the same protocol the page is in, so a page loaded with http will load assets with http, and a page loaded with https, will load the assets using https.

  2. As in rails, image_url and image_path mean exactly that, the former is a complete URL, and the latter is just a relative path (relative as URL, it is normally an absolute path within the web server)

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