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//program for displaying words and lines
    int w=0,ch=0;
[^ \t\n.:;,]+ {w++;ch+=yyleng;}
[ \t\n.:;,]+  {ch++;}
    printf("Enter the data \n");
    printf("No of words: %d \nNo of characters: %d\n",w,ch);
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The yylex function generated by (f)lex doesn't return until it encounters a rule which includes a return statement, or yyterminate() is called. (The default EOF rule calls yyterminate.)

Your program does exactly what is expected: it consumes input until the end-of-file, and then yylex() returns and it prints the final summary.

By the way, you're not counting word separator characters correctly. Either remove the + repetition operator from the second pattern, or change its action to ch += yyleng;

If you actually want to issue a report at the end of a line, remove \n from the second pattern and add a \n rule whose action is { return; }

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