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I have a string in following format:

CT-d0712728-867d-4cc4-bd0c-b2a679b8385f~#$~2012-10-16 02:13:27 PM

Can I use String.split("~#$~") or do I have to use StringTokenizer? I will have ONLY 2 parameters in above string, that's why I was trying to use String.Split("~#$~") but it doesn't seem to work.

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similar question.… –  Amareswar Oct 16 '12 at 18:35
What happened when you tried it? Did you capture the results into a String[]? –  Makoto Oct 16 '12 at 18:35

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$ is special character in regex (it means "end of a line"). To make it simple literal you need to escape it, for example with

  • "\\$",
  • "[$]"
  • or using quotations "\\Q$\\E".
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Since split() method takes the paremeters as Regex, and $ is special meta-character in Regex. You need to escape the $ sign: -

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String s = "CT-d0712728-867d-4cc4-bd0c-b2a679b8385f~#$~2012-10-16 02:13:27 PM";

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String str = "CT-d0712728-867d-4cc4-bd0c-b2a679b8385f~#$~2012-10-16 02:13:27 PM";
String[] pieces = str.split("~#\\$~");
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you can do this using String.split(). No need to use StringTokenizer. See then below example.

String s="CT-d0712728-867d-4cc4-bd0c-b2a679b8385f~#$~2012-10-16 02:13:27 PM";
        String test[]=s.split("\\~\\#\\$\\~");

Let me know i you have any questions.

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