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I can see an individual file's permissions with ls -l.

In the case where there are hundreds or thousands of files in a directory - most of which I can't read, how do I check which files I have permission to read?

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Try that :

for i in *; do test -r "$i" && echo "$i is readable for $USER"; done

See help test

You can also do (bash test) :

for i in *; do [[ -r "$i" ]] && echo "$i is readable for $USER"; done

See man bash | less +/'\[\[ expression'

Or with POSIX shell :

for i in *; do [ -r "$i" ] && echo "$i is readable for $USER"; done

See help [


&& is a shortcut (boolean AND) for if condition; then action; fi

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You can use stat(1) to discover file permissions.

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