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Hi I have below code in place

file: setup.nsi

Function .onInit
    Call functionXXX

File: Utils.nsh

!define someFunc "!insertmacro someFunc"
!macro someFunc source destination
    MessageBox "${source}, ${destination}"

Function functionXXX
    ${someFunc} "C:\MyApp\test.txt" "C:\MyApp\backup\test.txt"

If I run the script, macro being called twice, I am seeing the message box twice with same values. Why is this happening.

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There is no way this code as posted here will MessageBox twice.

There has to be some other code calling it, try:

Function .onInit
    Messagebox mb_ok before
    Call functionXXX
    Messagebox mb_ok after

You should also be able to see all the steps in the compiler output...

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Thanks! I figured it out, I was calling it on of the Section. –  sam Oct 16 '12 at 20:26

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