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Are there any libraries, (third party is fine) that can help do network auto-discovery using SNMP and .NET?

If not, have you ever rolled your own?

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I've recently come across Sharp SNMP Suite which I think does what you're asking for. I say "think" as I've not actually used it myself yet! I've just started looking into SNMP for the first time for a forthcoming project.

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Nice! Thanks. I'll take a look at that. –  Iain Holder Sep 29 '08 at 18:08

as the author of #SNMP, I can confirm that it supports basic auto discovery feature. Just simply call Manager.Discover. There is also a discussion thread for your reference.




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  • HP OpenView does network discovery using SNMP. It might be worth looking into how they do it
  • Another suggestion is to work out your gateway and get the routers it is connected to via SNMP
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It's a little old topic but may still be useful for someones. I use to work with SNMP from Oidview, they have a trial as well.

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