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Trying to process an array and remove a specific associative array in a larger array set. The code I have now works in removing the specific sections locally, within the for loop, but doesn't effect the original $cursor array.

foreach($cursor as $key) {

    foreach($key as $value => $k){

        if ($value == 'user'){


Is it a GLOBAL variable problem? How to unset the original variable?

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Is the top level array cursor? –  Asad Oct 16 '12 at 19:39

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Iterate over the original array by reference:

foreach($cursor as &$key) // added &

It's important to note than whenever you do this, it's a very good idea to follow the loop with an unset to destroy the reference:

foreach($cursor as &$key) {
    // ...

Personally I find this a little ugly (par for the course in PHP), but this way you eliminate the risk of reusing the name $key later on and causing all sorts of "interesting" effects.

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Beat me by 5 seconds :) –  gcochard Oct 16 '12 at 19:39

The problem is that the $k you get in the loop is not the original array that $cursor contains, it's just a copy that gets destroyed once the loop goes into the next round. To really remove the confinfo index from $cursor you need to start with $cursor and reference work your way down.





It's not as short as the other answer, but it shows better what's going on and is thus easier to debug and extend later.

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