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So basically I've been given a question to this language which I've been reading the documentation on since early last night. I don't know a thing yet so I figured I'd give this website a try.

Basically what question here is this:

I've been given several structures for calendar dates and an interval in scheme:

    (define-struct cal (month day))

    (define-struct interval (start end))

However I'm being asked to check if 2 different intervals overlap each other. An example to this:

    If I have dates March 12th - March 14th in my first interval, 
    but in my second interval I have the dates March 13th - March 2th
    (overlap? int1 int2) would return true.

    However if I have dates March 12th - March 14th in my first interval,
    but I have March 15th - March 18th in my second interval
    (overlap? int1 int2) would return false.

I don't know where to start with this. If anyone can clear this up for me so I can finish this problem I would be grateful. Thanks a lot!

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A good approach in general when writing programs is to break a problem down into more manageable ones. So, before tackling the problem of comparing two intervals, try tackling the simpler problem of comparing two calendar dates. Given two dates a and b, try to write a function that returns true if a is before b, and false otherwise. So,

; date1 is January 5, date2 is February 6
(before? date1 date2) ; returns true
; date1 is January 5, date2 is January 2
(before? date1 date2) ; return false

Next, think about how you might use before? to construct overlap?. In particular, consider this: if two intervals do not overlap, then the end date of one comes before the start date of the other.

Finally, consider the edge cases - what do you want your program to do if given, for example, (January 4 to March 6) and (March 6 to December 3) ? Do these intervals overlap or not?

Happy coding!

PS - if you need more help, don't be afraid to ask. I'm being deliberately vague because I thought that giving you hints would be better than just plopping a solution down in front of you - that way you wouldn't learn anything.

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To answer your Jan 4 - March 6 and March 6 - December 3, yes if there is any date that is the same in both intervals, they are both considered as overlapping so it would return true. – Infinite Divisions Oct 16 '12 at 20:08

To add to Ord's excellent advice, if you're looking for more basic information: what does define-struct mean? How do I write a function that uses dates?--then I would suggest you take a look at the (free, online) textbook How To Design Programs, version 2e. It looks like you're interested in Section 2.5, "Adding Structure", but it may be hard to understand this section without reading earlier ones, as well.

Good luck!

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