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I want to prevent my system from loading the same script more than once, because different modules can be combined and I use third party libraries that I don't want to manipulate.

Has anyone done this before?

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It usually depends on how the site is being built, oftentimes server-side code is used to manage which resources are loaded, such as with ScriptManager.RegisterClientScript in ASP.NET. – zzzzBov Oct 16 '12 at 20:03
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As the libraries such as Require JS didn't solve my problems, I made my own solution, which I'm posting below.

My system is also made by different modules. In the main module, I have a loader for the dependencies of all the modules (php, js and css files). After the dependencies have been loaded, the app triggers an event and sets a global variable which prevents double inclusion of files.

Hope it helps. If you have any doubts, just let me know.

The code:

var main = {
    init: function(){
        //Dependencies to load (php, js or css)
        var deps = [
        //Load initial pack
        if (!window.editReady){
            //Load dependencies

            //Bind loaded event
                //Set editLoaded to avoid double ajax requests
                window.editReady = true;

                //Do whatever you need after it's loaded

    //Load external resources
    load: function(name,data_urls){
        var url, ext;  
        var len = data_urls.length;
        var i = 0;
          //Get proper file
          $.get(this, function(data) {
              url = this.url;
              ext = url.split('.').pop();
                  case 'php':
                  case 'css':
              //Check if all files are included
              i += 1;
              if (i == len) {

var modules = {
    themes : {
        init : function(){
            //Load dependencies
            var deps = [
            if (!window.themesReady){
                //Set themesReady to avoid double ajax requests
                window.themesReady = true;

                //Load dependencies


                    //Do whatever you need after it's ready
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How about RequireJS? Seems to be what you're looking for.

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