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How do i do something like for example:

COL(C2).VALUE + ",\n" + COL(D2).VALUE + ",\n" + COL(E2).VALUE

in excel or libre office.

I want to concatenate column values across a row into 1 column with a seperator of my choice.

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In Excel:

=C2 & CHAR(10) & D2 & CHAR(10) & E2
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THANKYOUUUU. C'est parfait! –  Jimmyt1988 Oct 16 '12 at 20:33

In excel, I always use this function from :

  'Purpose: Concatenate all cells in a range
  'Inputs:  rRng - range to be concatenated
  '         sDelimiter - optional delimiter
  '            to insert between cell Texts
  'Returns: concatenated string

  Public Function MultiCat( _
        ByRef rRng As Excel.Range, _
        Optional ByVal sDelim As String = "") _
             As String
     Dim rCell As Range
     For Each rCell In rRng
        If rCell.Value <> "" Then
         MultiCat = MultiCat & sDelim & rCell.Text
         End If
     Next rCell
     MultiCat = Mid(MultiCat, Len(sDelim) + 1)
  End Function

You enter it like this:


I can't offer much advice on Libre - I don't have it - but I'm sure you could find a similar custom function for Libre.

Good Luck.

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