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I have a Perl script that is meant to search AD for email addresses.

I used this script from here however I'd like to modify it to search a specific org unit for all email addresses ending in .com, rather than scraping all email addresses in general.

Note: I have zero Perl experience, I usually only do Python but can't figure it out in Python, Googled how to do it in Perl and got an instant result that worked.

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Changing this line would give you email addresses @domain.com - if that is what you need!

my @adrlist = ($line =~ /smtp:(\w+\@domain.com)\;/g);
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yes, that is what I need, thank you!!! After days of Googling, trying to do this in Python, thank you!!! –  user1681573 Oct 17 '12 at 2:05
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