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I'm trying to play with Karel the robot as proposed in the CS106A online course from Stanford University. I do not want to install the old version of Java and eclipse as suggested by the documentation. I found tutorials explaining how to do it, on a standalone eclipse installation, and even a thread in stackoverflow, but they are all based on JRE6.

Is there a way to make it work with JFE7?

Thanks in advance.

Additional questions, that I will probably find obvious in the coming weeks:

  • Why does this library not work with JRE7? (I expect newer lib not to work with older JRE, but no the contrary)
  • How do you force the compilation with an older JRE in eclipse? Can you do it without installing JRE6?
  • How can I know the compatibility of the .jar file?

Thanks again.

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I wanted to do the same but it didn't work, you can use new eclipse but not a new jre. in case you want to use a new eclipse you have to copy all the plugins from the old eclipse to the new one.

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