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i used this

tutorial to create a listview. It gives me an adapter object that is applied via setListAdapter(adapter);

Now i want to add two of these ListViews into a PagerAdapter so the user can "swipe" from one to the other List.

I tried playing around with this tutorial to get it to work. However the first tutorial on listview does not contain a complete Listview XML file that i could use there at

case 0: resId = R.layout.farleft; break; ...

Also using activities in PagerAdapter is not an option as i found out...

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you can do a listfragment in a viewpager using a fragmentpageradapter or fragmentstatepageradapter. you can also do a regular pager adapter with listviews. and "listview xml" look liks this: <ListView height/width/id /> –  toadzky Oct 16 '12 at 21:11
Look at this question. This might help. Use ListFragment stackoverflow.com/q/7618409/563306 –  dcanh121 Oct 16 '12 at 23:43

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I would have to say the best place to go to learn how to implement "swipe" views is the Android Developers website, specifically this training guide.

If the 2 screens you want to combine into the PagerAdapter just contain a ListView and nothing else than you can extend ListFragment and return an instance of the correct ListFragment from the getItem() method in a FragmentStatePagerAdapter.

Another option for you would be if you are using eclipse and ADT 20 to create a new project, when it asks you to create an activity choose BlankActivity, then change Navigation type to Tabs + Swipe Views and it will generate the base starting code for you and you will just need to change it to return the correct Fragment instead of the DummyFragment.

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