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I have a table with users. Each user has a country row filled in (no user without a country).

How can i get the number of countries that has a user?

select distinct Country_CountryId 
from users

This returns a list with all different countries (their id from the country table). But how can I sum them into an int without getting all entries back to my MVC controller and then count them there.

I tried

select distinct count(Country_CountryId) 
from users

But that does not return a correct answer.

Example: table has 4 users.

  • User 1: UK
  • User 2: UK
  • User 3: US
  • User 4: Spain

This should result in a count of 3 distinct countries

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Try this:

    count( distinct Country_Country_Id ) 
from users

The COUNT(DISTINCT column_name) function returns the number of distinct values of the specified column

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