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I am using xpath to parse xml file from icecat

the code:

$xml = new DOMDocument;
$xml = new DOMXpath($xml);
$hasil = $xml->query('//ICECAT-interface/Product/ProductFeature');
$namafitur = $xml->query('//ICECAT-interface/Product/ProductFeature/Feature/Name');
foreach($namafitur as $value) {
  echo $value->getAttribute('Value'), ": <br>";
foreach($hasil as $value) {
  echo $value->getAttribute('Presentation_Value'), ": <br>";

I would like the result to be combined in one row each

can anyone help me?

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i am able to combine it but how to make it html table with two colums? if the result of the array like this [Beeldschermdiagonaal] => 121.9 mm (4.8 ") [Resolutie] => 720 x 1280 Pixels [Touchscreen] => Ja [Orientation sensor] => Ja [Beeldscherm] => AMOLED [Beeldscherm, aantal kleuren] => 16.0 M – Simson Lai Oct 16 '12 at 23:40

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