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I'm running Wordpress with Adrotate - note, this is not a Wordpress question - and an advertiser has send me images they want to run as ads. I know that if I put the images directly in the ads the impressions won't be tracked due to caching software (memcache) so I thought I'd circumvent that with some JavaScript. Would my method below work or do I need to do something like generate a random query string?

document.write("<div><a href=%link% target=_blank><img src=\"%image%\" height=\"250\" width=\"250\" /></a></div>");

Note: I don't know any JavaScript at all, so this will need to be spelled out explicitly for me! Also I played around with OpenX but it seems way too advanced for one simple ad campaign.

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You can add a timestamp to image src param :

document.write("<div><a href=%link% target=_blank><img src=\"%image%?v=") ;
document.write(new Date().getTime());
document.write("\" height=\"250\" width=\"250\" /></a></div>");
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Thanks a lot. That should do it! –  skarz Oct 17 '12 at 1:59

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