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I have an application that calls a web service... I get an error that I am just pulling the few hairs I have left on my head out maybe someone can help.

Here is the code:

        Service_RetrieveIntervalDataserviceagent srv = new Service_RetrieveIntervalDataserviceagent();
        srv.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(UserName, Password, Domain);
        MDMIntervalDataInput dataInput = new MDMIntervalDataInput();
        string Url = srv.Url;
        DeviceList deviceList = new DeviceList();

        deviceList.Type = DeviceListType.M;
        deviceList.DeviceId = "2862,2876,2877".Split(',');

        //Setup dataInput
        dataInput.ApplicationName = "TestApp";
        dataInput.StartDate = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-3).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy");
        dataInput.EndDate = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-3).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy");
        dataInput.OutputMode = MDMIntervalDataInputOutputMode.Wire;
        dataInput.DeviceList = deviceList;

I keep getting the error:

The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine

I did notice that the URL changes from HTTPS to HTTP could this be the problem?

I did try adding the following to my config file and it still did not work:

    <httpWebRequest useUnsafeHeaderParsing="true" /> 

How can I fix this?

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Here is how I fixed it...

I noticed that the URL was changing from HTTPS to HTTP...The HTTP URL was the culprit so I updated it to manually set the URL and it worked.

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