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How can i find LCS (longest common substring) among two or more strings using trie ?

I have an idea like this - suppose my first string is "abbcabdd". then i will first insert "abbcabdd" in trie ,then "bbcabdd", then "bcabdd" .... , then "d" and repeat this process for every string .

Then calculate the longest substring by traversing the trie.

but i think it is not efficient. Is there any other improved method ?

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What you are describing is exactly a suffix tree - Use an algorithm optimized to generate a suffix tree, and you will get your efficiency increased!

Note that there is an algorithm for building a suffix tree in O(n) (assuming a constant alphabet, of course).

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thanks. yes i'm describing the suffix tree. my suffix tree implementation is fast enough but i'm worried about my algorithm of inserting n strings for every string where n= stringLength. –  palatok Oct 16 '12 at 22:49
@palatok: You can use the suffix tree builder algorithm - it will yield the same result, and is already researched and analyzed, no need to reinvent the wheel here. Creating a suffix tree is O(n). –  amit Oct 16 '12 at 22:50

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