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Does anyone know if there is a designer or plugin for Visual Studio for Dart, similar to the Dart Editor?

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I've had convos with some members of the Dart community who have expressed interest in writing a VS integration for Dart. So perhaps we'll see something in the coming months. :) – John Evans Oct 18 '12 at 14:41
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Nothing yet for Visual Studio.

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As nobody else seemed to be doing it, I decided to have a stab at this. It's very incomplete, but I've started working on an extension:

Dart Visual Studio integration


The current version of DartVS available to install (v0.6) in Visual Studio is very basic and uses regex for syntax highlighting, and shells out to DartAnalyzer on a per-file basis for errors/warnings. This is not terribly reliable!

A new version of the extension (v0.8/v1) is in-progress which uses Google's Dart Analysis service and is much faster and more reliable, however it's still some way off release :(

A list of planned features for the next release can be found on GitHub:


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