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I've been working on an HTML5 Live Audio player for an internet radio station I work for. You may recognize it because I did not build it myself. It works fine on my iPhone. However, when I try to play it in safari, chrome and firefox it acts like it's playing but doesn't have any audio.

It's hosted here for now while I'm working on it.

The stream it's pulling from can be directly linked to at http://1382.live.streamtheworld.com/SAM06AAC156_SC

If you play it in VLC or iTunes it plays just fine.

It's encoded in HE-AAC 64Kbs 44.1KHz Stereo

After a bunch of research I think I've concluded that Safari isn't decoding the stream? I'm lost. It acts the same way in Chrome and Firefox.

I only have basic knowledge of this stuff as it is, but I'm learning. Thanks for your help on this.

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