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I have a local jboss installation on my box and I would like to deploy the jars in the client directory to my local Artifactory server.

Is there are way do it in one single command, or should I deploy each single file individually?

What I don't want:

  1. Using the JBoss nexus maven repository.
  2. Add a proxy to JBoss nexus maven repo from my Artifactory.


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Prepare the jar files to be uploaded in a local repository folder layout, like:

repository/org/jboss/logging/jboss-logging-spi/2.2.0-CR1/jboss-logging-spi-2.2.0.CR1.jar repository/org/jboss/javaee/jboss-javaee/5.0.1.GA/jboss-javaee-5.0.1.GA.jar

Use the pom.xml from here to batch upload them to maven repository by a single command mvn install.

Read my blog post for detail.

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