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I'm new to Ruby so this might be a really dumb question. But we have this code working on an existing Ruby install PC.

def usr_OpenURL(strURL, strBrowserType)

    if strBrowserType == "IE"
        # Open Browser at the specified URL and Maximise
        browser = Watir::Browser.start(strURL)
    elsif  strBrowserType == "Chrome"

        browser = Watir::Browser.new :chrome
        browser.goto strURL
        puts "No Known Browser is Declared"
    return browser


However installing the same version of Ruby on my pc and running the code is returning the error:

undefined method 'start' for Watir::Browser:Class (NoMethodError).

So I used irb to play around with it a bit.

If I do:

require "Watir"
browser = Watir::Browser.start("http://www.google.com")

I get the error, but if I do:

require "Watir"
browser = Watir::Browser.new
browser = Watir::Browser.start("http://www.google.com")

then its ok. It opens a new browser window at that url as expected.

Comparing the PCs I can see different versions of the watir, and watir-webdriver gems are installed - so not sure if something changed between versions.

The person who wrote this ruby code is no longer here - so I can't ask them why they're not doing a .new and Goto for IE.

Any ideas would be appreciated :) Thanks!

Update: I found this in watir-classic 3.2.0 gem. Thinking maybe that is the culprit.

Watir::Browser is now a class instead of a module - beware if you're monkey-patching.

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The error is likely occurring because the new PC is using Watir 4.0.0, where as the previous PC was using a Watir 3.x version. The recently released Watir 4.0.0 has logic for directing usage between the watir-classic gem and the watir-webdriver gem.

I believe that the gem is not determined until you do Browser.new. After that, the gem is loaded and if it is the watir-classic gem you will have the methods such as Browser.start and Browser.attach (as these do not exist in watir-webdriver).

A possible solution, if you are only using IE is to directly require the needed gem. So do:

require 'watir-classic'

instead of

require 'watir'
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This is the reason it's happening thanks. – Jen Oct 18 '12 at 22:29

This is a problem in watir 4.0. I've opened up an issue for that https://github.com/watir/watir/issues/5 - hopefully i will fix it soon :)

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The issue is fixed, I have just checked. – Željko Filipin Oct 22 '12 at 9:11

As far as I know Browser#start is just a shortcut for Browser#new and Browser#goto. I do not know what is causing the error, but it should be perfectly safe to replace

browser = Watir::Browser.start(strURL)


browser = Watir::Browser.new :ie
browser.goto strURL
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Accepting this answer as its the approach I've decided to go with - but Justin's answer mentions why it was happening.. Damn this not being able to pick two. :) – Jen Oct 18 '12 at 22:34
Then upvote all the answers that helped, and accept the one that helped the most. – Željko Filipin Oct 22 '12 at 9:11
Ended up needing to do both in the end (use this code, and require watir-classic) has we had a reporting module that stopped working. (But I did upvote all answers and accept one) – Jen Nov 1 '12 at 4:42

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